Why not a lazy drystart?

Almost 2 months ago i bought a ADA 60p. With my new Aquarium the really enjoyable time has started „the planing of a new Aquarium“. I realy like this time nothing is impossible you simply need ideas.
After doing some research i realised:

Carpets are always a big problem.

It ll look fantastic, if you are lucky enough to have a closed carpet. Nobody wants to see the ugly soil we use. So i was looking for alternative ways to have this from the beginning.

There is a video from „greenaqua“ where Jurijs Jutjajevs talked about a lazy drystart. The perfect technique for me. I hate planting foreground plants.

So i bought 4 cups of Micranthemum „Monte Carlo“. Then i did these simple steps:

-Wash the gel off

-Cut the roots

-Cut the plant into little pieces 1-2cm big

-Sprinkle it on the soil like parsley

-Spray it with water and keep sure that it is always wet for the next month

-Put some cling film on top of the aquarium


And after a few weeks you ll see the roots getting bigger every day.

Hope you enjoyed my first article. Leave a comment if you have any further questions.
Thanks for reading.

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