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Digitalisierung deines Aquariums per APP und Alexa

Als ich beim Wechsel der Sommer zur Winterzeit stundenlang damit beschäftigt war meine Zeitschaltuhren umzustellen, war für mich klar es muss eine andere Lösung her. Nachdem ich mir einige Produkte online angesehen habe hab ich mich für die Smart Life APP entschieden. Hierfür gibt es etliche Produkte unterschiedlichster Hersteller online zu kaufen. Hier empfehle ich […]

Algae problems

The ugly truth is almost everyone has them. But i can share my ways trying to avoid as much as i can. 1.Waterchanges Waterchanges are the most important rule for a succesful tank. The best shedule is at the beginning every 2-3 rd day and after a while you should do it at least once […]

Hydras by aqua__craft

„Oh! What’s this? Are these algae? Oh no!!! Are those little animals??!!! Ahhhhh!!!!” It sounded the same way when I discovered Hydras in my aquarium for the first time. I can calm you – Hydras are no evil monsters that want to destroy your aquarium; they are tiny (0.3mm-1cm) and very interesting animals. They are […]

Why not a lazy drystart?

Almost 2 months ago i bought a ADA 60p. With my new Aquarium the really enjoyable time has started „the planing of a new Aquarium“. I realy like this time nothing is impossible you simply need ideas. After doing some research i realised: Carpets are always a big problem. It ll look fantastic, if you […]